Act NOW to complete a non-binding Letter of Interest for Apex Community School.

Letters of Interest

Letters of Interest are NO-commitment statements that new charter schools in DCSD use to demonstrate to the Board of Education that there is a body of families of students that are interested in learning more and potentially enrolling thier child/children at the school.  

A Letter of Interest ...

  • Places you on our mailing list which means you will be among the first to receive new information & announcements
  • Begins the process toward securing a spot for your child(ren)
  • Permits the school to contact you when enrollment is available

A Letter of Interest does NOT ...

  • Guarantee a spot for your child(ren) -- that is accomplished by becoming a Founding Family
  • Commit your child(ren) to Apex Community School

Join the growing number of  parents/guardians who are completing the online Letter of Interest for Apex Community School.

If interested in having your child attend Apex Community School or staying in our communication loop, please consider completing a non-binding Letter of Interest.  Remember, a Letter of Interest does not guarantee enrollment.


1.  A Letter of Interest with Apex is the first step toward enrollment.

2. Official enrollment in Apex occurs through the DCSD Open Enrollment Process.  DCSD's enrollment process  involves online enrollment of children within the DCSD at the school of their choice.  Families who have completed a Letter of Interest with Apex will also be required to identify Apex as their school of choice and then officially enroll through the DCSD enrollment process.

3.  Apex provides a Weighted Lottery for students of three targeted enrollment groups.  Upon being identified as a students with a disabling condititons, a student who qualifies for free or reduced lunch and/or a student who is an English language learner, said student will be given 2 entries in the formal enrollment process versus one entry for other students. 

4.  The Founding Family Advantage: The only  way guarantee enrollment at Apex is to complete a Letter of Interest and become a Founding Family for Apex Community School.  To learn more about becoming a Founding Family, click here.

5.  Open Enrollment Windows for the DCSD Enrollment Process:  Families are offered the opportunity to officially enroll their children at Apex.

a. Priority Enrollment: November 1, 2017 through December 1, 2017.  

b. Second Enrollment Window: March 1 , 2018 through July 31, 2018.

It's not your imagination!  

Wait lists for Core Knowledge schools are extensive and enrollment for new students is slow going!

Currently there are nine Core Knowledge schools that have grades K-8 and are operating in Castle Rock or within a "reasonable" distance from Castle Rock (Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines and Parker).  As of January, these schools reported combined wait lists of over 12,000.*  Within Castle Rock itself, there are only two Core Knowledge schools and they reported combined waiting lists were over 2,000*.  It is not your imagination.  There is high demand for Core Knowledge charter schools in general, and Castle Rock is no exception.

Additionally, the Long Range Planning Committee for the Douglas County School District has identified to the Board of Education that Castle Rock has an “immediate need” for another elementary school given its recent and projected growth.   With that sort of growth comes more families that will want a Core Knowledge charter school, and it stands to reason that the waiting lists for such schools will continue to grow as well.

Apex Community School is seeking to help meet this need by the fall of 2018.  In order to open the doors of another Core Knowledge charter school to meet the demand, the Board of Education has asked that our Board and growing number of volunteers secure Letters of Interest to demonstrate this demand.

If you’re interested in seeing another Core Knowledge charter school open its doors in the Meadows of Castle Rock, please make that interest known.  Click on the link above to complete a no-commitment Letter of Interest in support of Apex Community School seeking to serve grades PR-8 in Castle Rock in August of 2018.