Why am I committed to Apex Community Elementary School?

Put simply, our educational system is struggling on many fronts. Our traditional schools are unfairly being asked to do more and more with less and less; including many things for which they were never designed.  

I believe that the solutions are not all that complicated, but the ability to implement the following is contingent upon a whole host of factors, including vision and resolve at the district level, down to the school level, down to each individual family:

1.       An expectation that all students can achieve, working with and through educational dissonance

2.       An inclusive classroom where instructional differentiation and modifications for all students is commonplace

3.       A curriculum that is content rich, contributing to overall academic and cultural literacy

4.       A phonemic based approach to reading and writing

5.       A positive, building wide behavior model with clear expectations and clear consequences that ultimately involve parent/guardians

6.       Parents/guardians who accept and support that such an educational approach will “inconvenience” their lifestyle and make demands on them

With such elements in place, a learning environment is ultimately created for students to struggle in a healthy way, beginning to achieve and gain genuine self-confidence and individual academic achievement.

Douglas County is my home and so I have a vested interest in seeing strong, collaborative and effective educational models in place to serve the students and families who reside here.  That’s why I’m committed to volunteering my time to help bring into existence this unique vision and model that will be Apex Community Elementary School.

--Todd Slechta is a Founding Board Member of Apex Community Elementary School and currently the Director of Education and Communication for a statewide, private healthcare company.  He has experience as a charter school Principal in the Denver metro area and has post-secondary education experience teaching college students internationally in Canada and Ecuador.