The Founding Family Advantage

Apex Community School will fill its enrollment via a lottery per federal regulation.  However, up to 20% of the initial student population can be granted to "Founding Families" via priority enrollment.  Based on an initial enrollment of 500 students, this means that Apex will open with the availability of 100 slots designated for children of Founding Families who will be exempt from any potential enrollment lottery.

What is a Founding Family?

A Founding Family is defined as a family that provides at least 60 hours of approved volunteer service toward the establishment of Apex, as well as the family of any member of the Board of Directors or an employee of Apex Community School.  For the first year of enrollment of the school, approved volunteer hours must be served prior to May 15, 2019.

More about Becoming a Founding Family

If you are interested in being a Founding Family for Apex, you will need to let us know of your interest and then follow the steps below.  It's as easy as completing 1-10!

Interested in Becoming a Founding Family?

1. Indicate your interest in becoming a Founding Family AND log each of your activities as you complete the activity.  Once you have completed all your hours, you will receive an email confirming the completion of all of your required activities and the achievement of FF (Founding Family) status.

2. Like us on Facebook: and share to your Facebook.

3. Take a family photo by our Apex sign on our school property and email it to us at, along with a message that says: “Okay to use for Media Purposes” (Facebook or website).  If you are not comfortable with our using the photo, just let us know and we will respect your wishes.

4. Place an Apex lawn sign in your lawn.  Pick up of lawn signs will be arranged with individuals interested.

5. Tell your friends about Apex.  Referrals to the school earn you Founding Family hours.

6.  Commit to canvassing your neighborhood with Apex information cards or posting Apex information in the community.   You may canvass additional neighborhoods in liue of a special project (#9).

7.  Attend an Informational Session (in-person or webinar) about Apex Community School.  Please visit our Informational Session website page for a listing of upcoming informational sessions.

8. Assist with a community event.  These occur regularly and you can find them on our FB or website.  These events are organized and directed by Apex board directors.  Assistance may include helping with sett up or take down, handing out information about Apex, sporting an Apex t-shirt, soliciiting a donation or helping with the Apex information table.  This is a great way to support the school, learn more about the school and grow the Apex community of friends and family.

8. Make or solicit a donation of items to give away at events (items depend on event).  The typical donation cost is an average of $10-$15.  Arrangements on how to drop them off include either bringing them to the event or dropping them off prior to the event. 

9. Take on a special project or join a committee that supports the development of the school.  Special projects are based on your skills and interests, and are coordinated via an Apex board director, who will be in contact with you as a result of your completing the above link to indicate interst in Founding Family status.  Please feel free to propose your own "special project" based on your skills and talents.

  •     Special projects include tasks like website development, other development, research, making phone calls, organizing an event, securing sponsorships.
  •     Committee work focuses on financial oversight or grant writing.  With a commitment to on-going committee work, a family is exempt from the requirement of neighborhood canvassing.

10.  Celebrate with guaranteed enrollment!  As a Founding Family, you are asked to support the development of the mission and vision of Apex Community School, and exemplify APEX: Active Engagement with Positive Intent, demonstrating an Empathy-focus and striving for eXcellence.  Welcome!

If you would like more information about Founding Family status,  please send an email to the Board of Directors at:  We are happy to answer any questions!