The Founding Family Advantage

Apex Community School will fill its enrollment via a lottery per federal regulation.  However, up to 20% of the initial student population can be granted to "Founding Families" via priority enrollment.  Based on an initial enrollment of 500 students, this means that Apex will open with the availability of 100 slots designated for children of Founding Families.

What is a Founding Family?

A Founding Family is defined as a family that provides at least 60 hours of approved volunteer service toward the establishment of Apex, as well as the family of any member of the Board of Directors or an employee of Apex Community School.  For the first year of enrollment of the school, approved volunteer hours must be served prior to February 15, 2018.

Interested in Becoming a Founding Family?

The Board of Apex has approved that a section be added to the Letter of Interest allowing a place to indicate whether or not someone referred them to the school.   Just complete a Letter of Interest indicating interest in Founding Family Status and we will be in touch with you about how to get started!

If you would like more nformation about Founding Family status before completing a Letter of Interest,  please send an email to the Board of Directors at:  We are happy to answer any questions!

Join the growing number of  parents/guardians who are completing the online Letter of Interest for Apex Community School.

Letters of Interest are non-binding and a demonstration of interest only.