Family and Student Handbook

The primary purpose of the Apex Student Handbook is to provide students and their parents/guardians with information, guidelines and policies to ensure success within the Apex Community School. 

Please note that the Student Handbook is in final DRAFT form.  

We are still waiting to add pertinent information, but have posted it for families to review.

Click here to view the DRAFT Apex Student Handbook.

Fostering a Positive Culture for Learning

The following values are expected to be demonstrated and evidenced by all Apex students, staff, administrators, families so as to support the school’s vision of being an inclusive public-school option facilitating cultural and comprehensive literacy in students via a uniformly implemented, systematic, differentiated, rigorous, content-rich, liberal arts curriculum empowering them to be responsible citizens who positively influence and lead with character.

A for Actively Engaged
Students, staff, administrators, and families are actively engaged in the intellectual, social,
and character development of students.

P for Positive intent
Students, staff, administrators, and families assume positive intent in others and willingly
reflect on their own intent.

E for Empathy-focused
Students, staff, administrators, and families seek to understand the perspectives and
unique experiences of others.

X for (e)Xcellence
Students, staff, administrators, and families have excellence as their standard.