We are Douglas County!

We're Local.jpg

Our Board is Local

Our board of directors is largely comprised of Douglas County residents whose children attended or are attending Douglas County schools, both neighborhood and charter

Our Funds remain Local

We are not a part of a national educational management organization or charter “chain,” so no management fees will leave the District; meaning more money for students

We have contracted with a Denver-based architectural firm to design Apex Community School and with a Douglas County construction company to build it; meaning Colorado dollars stay in Colorado

We Are Collaborative!

We have consciously cultivated in our stakeholders a respect for choice, whether at a neighborhood or charter school

We recognize the difficult and good work that the administrative and educational teams of other schools perform day in and day, whether a neighborhood school or charter school;  we do not condone any Apex stakeholders who might speak in disparaging terms of neighborhood schools. 

We followed the DCSD charter application process diligently, ultimately receiving the recommendation of the Charter Application Review Team (CART) on all 20 required application elements

We received a unanimous, bi-partisan vote (7-0) from the Board of Education approving our charter and are both honored and humbled by this show of support

In dialogue with the district, we have “weighted” our lottery in favor of students with IEPs, who are English Language Learners and/or come from lower socio-economic conditions

Our school is located in the Meadows, an area identified by the District’s Long Range Planning Committee as in need of greater capacity

Fiscally Responsible!

We have secured a $12M municipal bond at a favorable interest rate of 5.5%, forgoing higher developer or charter school developer rates; meaning more dollars that can be used directly for the benefit of students